Digitalization is the key to unlock the full potential in terms of increasing efficiency and speed of action to shape competitive advantage.

Whoever is still missing out on digitalization today, will have clear disadvantages tomorrow regarding process costs, speed,
and the human resources to manage strategically important activities.

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Digitalized procurement will have optimal master data for…

Digitalized procurement…
Unternehmungsberatung und Einkaufsoptimierung
"Transparency – procurement’s sharpest tool."
As a result, digitalized procurement…

Actively manage
your challenges

The biggest challenge for an end-to-end digitalization is quality master data for materials, services, suppliers and service providers, inventory as well as dynamic data. Additionally, there is a lack of transparency regarding currently used IT systems. Many isolated applications result in inconsistent and varying data entries. Processes are often either not documented at all or not in line with the actual documented process.


To actively manage these challenges, procurement departments need to define their end-to-end processes and necessary digital intersections while digitalizing and optimizing their master data. This task often requires a kickstart, for example through temporary external support. Afterwards, essential IT systems and right partners need to be chosen and implementation as well as change management projects need to be defined.

Use GMVK to increase your procurement success

We support you effectively as part-time employees because we combine our procurement-know-how of GMVK Procurement Group with Business Intelligence solutions by our subsidiary 4EBIT Software & Services to maximize your benefit.


We deliver in joint projects with our customers:

Wandtattoo GMVK

We digitalize your procurement efforts and create the necessary transparency for better decision-making using our analysis tool 4EBIT Suite. This SaaS tool delivers dashboards and profound analyses via drill-down functions at the touch of a button.

You receive material group potential, price comparisons and trends, cost analyses, time comparisons, details on item level, and concrete cost savings potential through benchmarking – clear and user-friendly.

Tobias Löwenthal - Unternehmensberatung für Digitalisierung der GMVK
"Digitalize your procurement and generate transparency – simply and clearly laid out."

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Thomas Mademann - Einkaufsberatung bei der GMVK

Thomas Mademann

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Tobias Löwenthal - Einkaufsberatung bei der GMVK

Tobias Löwenthal

Managing Partner since 2021

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